Photography in Barcelona, Spain


CIM 594 Special Topics

Documentary Photography in Barcelona, Spain is a course designed to improve the students’ visual storytelling and photographic skills. Students are expected to integrate into the community to make contacts and develop story ideas worthy of visual documentation. As a class we will explore the culture, sites, religion, economy, transportation, and the history of Barcelona and Spain. Each student will work on one well-researched photo story, as well as daily assignments. An emphasis will be put on the conduct and logistics a documentary photographer must adhere to when working abroad.

JMM 592 Special Topics

Photography in Spain: History, Icons, and Styles is a course that offers an overview of contemporary Spanish Photographic and visual history through its main authors and styles. Students will study selected prominent Spanish photographers/artists and how their work relates to contemporary Spanish culture and history. The course will focus on visual communication after Franco’s dictatorship, and its effect on modern Spanish society. This course will also familiarize students with contemporary Spanish history through photographic and visual archives.

The class will travel together for an overnight trip to Madrid.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until March 1. Please apply early as space is limited.


For more information, please contact Professor Jim Virga at or 305-284-5540.

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